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GD-1792 Distillate Fuels Mercaptan Sulfur Tester


This instrument is made as per national standard GB/T1792 Distillate fuels£­Determination of mercaptan sulfur£­Potentiometric titration method. It is used to determine the mercaptan sulfur in jet fuel, gasoline,kerosene, and light diesel without hydrothion and the content is within the range of 0.0003¡«0.01%(m/m).
 Interferences will appear when elemental sulfur is over 0.0005%£¨m/m£©
 The instrument is composed of PHS-3C PH meter, 95-1 magnetic stirrer and support device.It is the standard instrument for determining mercaptan sulfur distillate fuel.

Main technical specifications
PHS-3C PH meter
1. Grade of instrument£º 0.01
2. Measurement range  pH£º£¨0¡«14.00£©PH
                                  mV£º£¨0¡«¡À1999£©mV(automatically polarity display£©
3. Minimum display unit£º 0.01pH£¬1mV£¬0.1¡æ
4. Compensated temperature range£º £¨0¡«60£©¡æ
5. Basic error of electronic unit£º  pH£º¡À0.01pH
6. Basic error of instrument£º  pH£º¡À0.0£²pH¡À£±word
¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡                     Temp.£º¡À0.5¡æ¡À£±word
7. Incoming current of electronic unit£º  ¡Ü 2¡Á10-12A
8. Input resistance of electronic unit£º   ¡Ý£±¡Á1012¦¸
9. Compensated temperature error£º   ¡À0.01pH
10. Repeatability error of electronic unit£º   pH£º ¡Ü 0.01pH
¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡                        mV£º ¡Ý 1mV
11. Repeatability error of instrument£º   ¡Ü 0.01pH
12. Stability of electronic unit£º    ¡À0.01pH¡À£±word/3h
13. Dimension£º     290mm¡Á210mm¡Á95mm
14. Net weight£º  1.5kg
15. Working condition£º
¡¡  a) Ambient temperature£º£¨£µ¡«40£©¡æ
¡¡  b) Relative humidity£º   ¡Ü85%
¡¡  c) Power supply£º AC£¨220¡À22£©V£¬ £¨50¡À0.5£©Hz
¡¡  d) No obvious vibration
¡¡  e) No external magnetic field interference except earth magnetic field
95-1 magnetic stirrer
1. Power supply£º  AC220V¡À10%  50Hz
2. Working mode£º  Continuously
3. Maximum stirring capacity£º2000ml
4. Heating power£º  Step-less adjustable within 300W
5. Rotation speed£º  (20¡«1200)r/min
6. Electric motor torque£º  7.6mm/V.m
7. Temperature controlling accuracy£º  ¡À1¡æ
8. Temperature controlling range£º   room temperature +5¡æ¡«100¡æ
9. Timing range£º   (20¡«1200)min
10. Reversing time£º    (5¡«30)s
11. Dimension£º  230mm¡Á150mm¡Á130mm£¨The bar is not included£©
       Burette£º  10mL,scale division is 0.05mL


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