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GD-17144 Micro Method Carbon Residue Tester

This instrument is designed and made as per GB/T17144-1997 Test Method for Carbon Residue of Petroleum Products-Micromethod. It is suitable to determine the the amount of carbon residue of petroleum products.
I. Main technical features
1. This instrument adopts all-in-one structure. It consists of two parts: electrical control chamber and high temperature heating furnace. The design is simple and reasonable.
2. It adopts single chip machine system. The instrument controls the whole procedures automatically according to program preset.
3. The screen adopts all English interface. Operator can do determination by prompts on the screen even no need to read the operation manual. Easy to operate.
4. It controls the flow rate of nitrogen, temperature heating rate and preset temperature automatically. Easy to adjust the flow rate. The heating rate is accurate and temperature control is stable.
5. It collects test data and calculates results automatically. It can print and save the data according to customer¡¯s requirements.
6. The measurement range of this instrument is 0.10%£¨m/m£©¡«30.0%£¨m/m£©. The test result is equivalent to Conradson method if the carbon residue is higher than 0.10%£¨m/m£©.
7. The instrument can also be used to determine the petroleum products composed of distillate oils which carbon residue is lower than 0.10%£¨m/m£©. But the specimen shall be sampling to 10%£¨V/V£©distillation residue according to GB/T6536 firstly.
8. It equips a electric balance to achieve the automation of sample weighing and data input.
II. Main technical specifications
1. Power supply£º   AC£¨220¡À10%£©V, 50Hz
2. Maximum power consumption£º   1600W
3. Temperature of coke chamber£º   500¡æ
4. Temperature control accuracy£º  ¡À2¡æ
5. Heating power£º  1500W
6. Ambient temperature£º   5¡æ¡«35¡æ
7. Relative humidity£º   ¡Ü85%£»
8. Dimension£º   520mm¡Á360mm¡Á525mm

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