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GD-0722-I High-temperature Foaming Characteristics Tester

    This instrument is designed and made as per industrial standard SH/T 0722-2002 Standard test method for high temperature foaming characteristics of lubricating oils and ASTM D6082. It is used to determine the foaming characteristics of lubricating oils(transmission fluid and engine oil) at 150¡æ.
I. Main technical features
1. The instrument equips a stainless steal air bath instead of oil bath. Safe and non-pollutive.
2. 4 test-position design. It can test 2 samples as well as preheating another 2 samples. A spotlight is equipped on the bottom of each sample. Easy to observe the foam height during the test.
3. An air pump is equipped in the instrument. It can supply air to 2 samples at a time.
II. Main technical specifications
1. Power supply£º   AC(220¡À10%)V, 50Hz
2. Temperature range£º  Ambient to 150¡æ
3. Temperature control precision£º ¡À1¡æ
4. Temperature control mode£º  Digital temperature controller
5. Air supply£º  Built-in air pump. It supplies air to 2 samples at a time.
6. Ambient temperature£º  (-10~+40)¡æ
7. Relative humidity£º  ¡Ü85%
8. Maximum power consumption£º  1600w
9. Dimension£º   850©L¡Á580©L¡Á850©L

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