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GD-0620B Bitumen Dynamic Viscometer

This instrument is made as per standards T 0620-2000 Dynamic Viscosity Test for Bitumen (Vacuum Capillary Method) in JTG E20-2011 Specification and Test
Methods for Bitumen and Bituminous Mixture for Highway Engineering and SH/T0557-1998 Test method for Viscosity of Petroleum Asphalt (Capillary Method) .
 It is used to determine the dynamic viscosity of sticky petroleum asphalts by vacuum capillary viscometer.It is also suitable to determine other materials which
 viscosity range is 0.0036¡«20.000Pa.s.
Main technical features
1.It has a data base for coefficients of capillary viscometers. It can save 10 groups of coefficients at most. Operator can callout the data whenever need.
2.It adopts high accuracy pressure sensor. The vacuum degree can be kept at 300mmHg¡À0.5mmHg. It can be shown on the screen clearly.
3.The system will ignore the results which timing is less than 60s and enter next measurement step. The system will calculate the viscosity automatically
for the results which timing is beyond 60s.
4.Operator can choose and set automatic calculation of average value and bias percentage for 2~4 parallel tests at will.The calculation can be done for several
times to remove the unsatisfied results for operator. The test report can be printed.
Main technical specifications
1. Temperature control mode£º    Point controlled by digital temperature controller.
2. Temperature control arrange£º    0.00¡æ¡«100.00¡æ
3. Temperature control accuracy£º    ¡À0.01¡æ
4. Pressure range£º   300mmHg¡À0.5mmHg
5. Timing mode£º    4 built-in timer. Can do timing for 4 capillary viscometers
6. Timing range£º    0.0s¡«99999.9s£¨27.7h£©£» Bias ¡Ü0.02%
7. Measurement range£º  About 18 Pa.s¡«580000Pa.s
8. Test samples£º        4 samples
9. Operation interface£º  Touch-type colored LCD
10. Power supply£º      AC£¨220¡À10%£©V , 50Hz
11. Ambient temperature£º   5¡æ¡«50¡æ
12. Relative humidity£º     ¡Ü85%
13. Overall dimension£º    590mm¡Á430mm¡Á630mm
14. Net weight£º          32.5kg£¨no water in bath£©
15. Maximum power consumption£º    1800W
Optional part:
1. Capillary viscometer washer£º  GD-0620-2 Capillary Viscometer Washing Apparatus


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