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GD-XY150 Rotatory Compactor

This instrument is designed and made as per industrial standard JT/T 724-2008 Gyrator Compactor and T 0736-2011 in JTG E20-2011 Specification and Test Methods of Bitumen and Bituminous Mixture for Highway Engineering. It is used to do preparation for asphalt samples ¦Õ150mm or ¦Õ100mm.
I. Main technical features
1. Single chip microcomputer technology. LCD display. Man-machine dialog interface. All test procedures can be controlled automatically.
2. All rotating components are covered. Safe to use.
3. Two compaction mode£ºautomatic and manual. The test procedures can be finished after setting parameters under automatic compaction mode. Each procedure or status can be controlled under manual compaction mode. 
4. Two selectable sample: 100mm or 150mm. Rotation angle can be switched between 0.5¡ãand 2.0¡ã. Angle adjusting accuracy is 0.01¡ã.
5. Special mould ejector. Convenient to use.
II. Main technical specifications
1. Pressure range£º  (100¡«1000£©kPa, continuously adjustable
2. Rotation times£º   Foreward£¨as per setted compaction angle£©£º£¨0¡«1000£©times
                               Reversed£¨compaction angle is 0¡ã£©£º£¨0¡«500£©times
3. Range of gyrate compaction angle£º  0.5¡ã¡«2.0¡ã, increase as every 0.01¡ã (Calibrated at 1.16¡ã¡À0.02¡ã internal angle when leaving factory)
4. Accuracy of gyrate compaction angle£º  £¼0.01¡ã
5. Movement range for compactor£º   (0¡«250£©mm
6. Movement accuracy for compactor£º  £¼0.01mm
7. Rotation speed£º    (30¡À0.5£©RPM
8. Rated speed of motor£º  1800RPM
9. Overall Height£º   1900mm
    Main unit (Push rod is included)£º940mm¡Á890¡Ámm¡Á2140m
    Mould ejector (Handle is not included)£º355.6mm¡Á304.8mm¡Á800mm
11.Net weight£º     370kg
12.Gross weight£º  410kg


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