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V30 GNSS RTK Surveying System /GPS

Ten Unique Innovations
1. Internationally leading PCC BD970 multi-satellite, multi-system kernel
2. Built-in transmitter-receiver, exchangeable base and rover
3. Original 1+X multi-module communication units in the industry
4. Extreme distance plugin radio station optional
5. Strongest waterproof, dustproof, broken-resistant performance in the industry
6. With intelligentialized self-diagnosis function
7. Double battery capacity, with 4400mAh capacity for a single battery
8. Original double GPRS communication function in the industry optional
9. Config multi-function RTK controller iHand 10 Series
10. Original voice navigation RTK controller software in the industry

Standard GPRS wireless data transmission unit
Optional 3G wireless data transmission unit
Optional CDMA wireless data transmission unit
Optional built-in transmitter-receiver, V8 compatible
Optional high-performance built-in transmitter-receiver
Optional built-in transmitter-receiver, imported brand RTK compatible
Optional extreme distance plugin radio station
Optional high-performance plugin radio
Optional original integrated data transmission station


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