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GDE-1A Engler Viscometer (Digital Display)


This instrument is designed and made as per national standard GB/T266 Petroleum Products-Determination of Engler viscosity and Shanghai enterprise standard Q/YXYY11 WNE-1 Engler Viscometer.It is suitable to determine the rate of time(seconds) of liquid flow out from Engler viscometer and time(seconds) of distilled water flow out at 20¡æ under certain temperature and cubage.This rate is the Engler viscosity..Unit is Engler degree.

I. Main Technical Features 
1. The instrument is composed of tester and temperature controller. Desktop structure.Both of inner and outer crucible adopt stainless materials.Inner crucible has been specially processed.The smooth finish corresponds with the test requirements.
2. The temperature controller adopts digital display type. The parameters set is convenient. The temperature controlling precision is high.

II. Main Technical Specifications 
1. Standard water value£º(51¡À1)s
2. Testing temperature£º(0~100)¡æ
3. Temperature controlling accuracy£º¡À0.2¡æ
4. Engler viscosity thermometer£ºcorrespond with GB/T 514
5. Specification of measuring flask£º(200¡À0.2)ml
6. Inner crucible£ºstainless steel material
7. Power of electric heater£º550W(AC220V,50Hz)
8. Accuracy of electric stopwatch£º1/100s£¨provided by users themself£©
9. Dimension£º200mm¡Á200mm¡Á400mm£¨Temperature controller is not included£©

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