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GD-2122C Coulometric Karl Fischer Titrator


The instrument is designed and made as per national standard of China GB/T 7600 Standard Test Method for Water Content of Transformer Oil in Service (Coulometric Method), industrial standard of China SH/T0246 Standard Test Method for Water Content of Light Oils (Coulometry). ASTM D1533 Standard Test Method for Water in Insulating Liquids by Coulometric Karl Fischer Titration and ASTM D6304 Standard Test Method for Determination of Water in Petroleum Products,Lubricating Oils and Additives by Karl Fischer Titration. It is used to determine water content in the liquid petroleum products.
I. Main technical features              
1. 240¡Á128 graphics dot-matrix LCD screen. 
2. High precision measuring electrode make it rapidly and accurately to find the end point. It also has a good antijamming capability. 
3. It adopts electrolyte blank current compensation and equilibrium point drift compensation, two methods to correct measurement result. 
4. It has automatic detecting function for open-circuit fault and short-circuit fault of measuring electrode. 
5. It can save at most 255 data with time mark. 
6. It has a calendar clock inside. It keeps time precisely.
7. It has screen protection function. The LCD screen will shut off if there is no operation for a long period. 
II. Main technical specifications      
1. Amount and precision of electrolyzed water£º  1) 10ug¡«1000ug£¬¡À2ug  2) >1000ug£¬0.2% 
2. Measurement range: 0¡«100 mg 
3. Resolution: 0.1ug
4. Maximum electrolysis speed: 40ug/s                                     
5. Power supply: AC 220V¡À20%, 50 Hz
10. Maximum power consumption: 30 W                        
11. Ambient temperature: 10¡æ~35 ¡æ    
12. Relative humidity: ¡Ü85%            
13. Dimension: 320mm¡Á240mm¡Á150mm      
14. Net weight: 5 kg

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