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GD-255 Distillation Tester


The instrument is designed and made as per the national standard of People¡¯s Republic of China GB/T255 Test Method for Distillation Characteristics of Petroleum Products and the industrial standard of People¡¯s Republic of China SH/T0121 Technical Requirements for Petroleum Products Distillation Tester. It is suitable to determine distillate constituent of liquid fuels, solvent oils, and light petroleum products.

I. Main Technical Features
1. This instrument is a kind of all-in-one machine. The design is reasonable and easy to operate.
2. The rising up and lowering down of the heating furnace is easy and stable to adjust.
3. The water chamber adopts stainless steel material.Good corrosion resistance.
4. The heating power can be adjusted continuously by electronic voltage regulator. 

II. Main Technical Specifications
1. Power supply£º  AC(220¡À10%)V£¬50Hz
2. Distillation flask£º  Made of hard glass. Heat resistance is higher than 500¡æ. Diameter of ball is ¦Õ69mm¡À1mm. Diameter of bottleneck is ¦Õ16mm¡À1mm. The angle between branch pipe and bottleneck is 75¡ã¡À3¡ã
3. Thermometer£º    (0~360)¡æ£¬division value 1¡æ
4. Condensate tank£º  Made of stainless steel material. The condenser pipe is made of brass and diameter is §æ16mm¡Á1mm.
5. Heat adjustment£º  It consists of heating device, thermal control circuit and control panel. Power 1000W£¬Heating rate can be adjusted continuously.
6. Measuring cylinder and weight£º Two kinds of cylinder 10ml and 100ml. The weight is made of carbon steel and being placed on cylinder bottom to prevent the cylinder from floating. 
7. Working environment£º  Room temperature-10~+35¡æ. Relative humidity ¡Ü85%
8. Maximum power consumption£º  1100W
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