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GDY-1A Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter

The instrument is designed and made as per the National Standard GB/T213 ¡°Test Methods for Heat of Coal¡±,
GB/T384 ¡°Test Methods for Calorific Value of Petroleum Products¡±, the National Measurement and Determination
Specification JJG672 ¡°Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter¡±, as well as Measurement Apparatus License ¡°SH 00000184¡±
and Shanghai Company Standard Q/YXYY 10 GDY-1 Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter¡±. The heat capacity of the instrument is 14000¡«15000J/¡æ.
It is suitable to determine heat value of petroleum products (Gasoline, jet fuels, diesel oil and fuel oils), which do not contain water, coal, paraffin and other combustible substance.

Instrument characteristics:
1. It adopts a high precision sensor. It is much more accurate and reliable;
2. It adopts microprocessor for control and LED for display. It can also save 31 temperatures automatically.
3. It is with integrated structure, so it is compact and easy to be operated;
4. The stirring motor has no noise;
5. It past anti-shake test, so it can be transported for a long distance safely. 

Technical parameters
1. Mean value of heat capacity: 15 kJ/K;
2. Measurement accuracy for heat value: ¡Ü0.2%;
3. Endured pressure of oxygen bomb: 20 Mpa; Test pressure in oxygen bomb: 3 MPa;
4. Temperature controlling range: 10¡æ~35¡æ;
5. Temperature resolution: 0.001 ¡æ;
6. Temperature saved: 31 pieces;
7. Power supply: AC 220¡À10£¥, 50 Hz;
Size and weight: 400¡Á400¡Á600mm/18 kg;
8. Ambient temperature: 20¡æ¡À5¡æ;
9. Relative humidity: ¡Ü85£¥;

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