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GDY-1C Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter

The instrument is designed and made as per the National Standard GB/T213 ¡°Test Methods for Heat of Coal¡±,
 GB/T384 ¡°Test Methods for Calorific Value of Petroleum Products¡±, the National Measurement and Determination Specification
JJG672 ¡°Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter¡±, as well as the Shanghai Company Standard ¡°Q/YXYY-10 GDY-1 Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter¡±.
It has been widely used to determine heat value of coal, oils, tar, and paraffin, etc. It is the desired instrument for power plants,
smelting, cement, and petrochemical, scientific research institutes, and colleges and universities.

Main characteristics:
1. Equipped with a desktop computer, so you can control whole test procedures through a computer;
2. It can make determination automatically without manual control, and it can record and save all test data automatically;
3. Equipped with test software. It has function of man-machine conversation, user-friendly interface, and operation convenience;
Technical parameters
1. Heat capacity: 14000~15000J/K;
2. Temperature measurement range: 10 ~ 35¡æ;
3. Temperature resolution: 0.001 ¡æ;
4. Repeatability error:  ¡Ü0.2 % (Grade C);
5. Endured pressure in oxygen bomb: 20 MPa;
6. Operation environment temperature: 15 ~ 28¡æ (Ambient temperature); Temperature fluctuation is not more than 1 ¡æ during a test;
7. Ambient humidity: less than 85%;
8. Power supply: AC 220V¡À5%, 50 Hz;

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