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GDJ-1E Rotational Viscometer £¨

The instrument is suitable to determine absolute viscosity of Newton liquids and apparent viscosity of non-Newton liquids. It has been widely used in petrochemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and chemical industries to determine viscosities of latex, oils, chemical reagents, photosensitive resin, paraffin, inks, rubber solution, juice, adhesive, and washing solvents. 

Main characteristics
1. It adopts advanced mechanical design and manufacture techniques and microprocessor controlling technologies, so it can make determination for viscosity in a wide range.
2. It adopts a white background light, ultra-brighten LCD as display, so it can display test data clearly.
3. With intelligent stepless speed regulation, so it is needed to distinguish manually.
4. Equipped with a micro-printer, so it can print out test data.
5. Equipped with a RS232 port, so it can communicate with a computer.

Technical parameters
1. Measurement range: 0.1¡«6000000mPa•s;
2. Spindles: four spindles of No.1¡«4;
3. Spindle speed: continuously speed regulation from 0.1 to 100 RPM;
4. Measurement error: ¡À2% (F•S);
5. Power supply: AC 220V¡À10%, 50 Hz¡À10%;
6. Working environment:
(1) Ambient temperature: 5¡æ¡«35¡æ;
(2) Relative humidity: less than 80%;

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