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GDJ-7 Rotation Viscometer

I. Summary
The instrument is suitable to determine absolute viscosity of Newton liquids and apparent viscosity of Non-Newton liquids. It can be used to determine viscosity of petroleum, resin, paints, ink, sizing agent, cosmetics, cream, medicine, and asphalt, etc. You can select different measurement unit for different sample viscosity or test requirements. The instrument is small, light, convenient to be operated, simple to be repaired, durable, and it can determine the viscosity of liquids rapidly and reliably.
II. Main technical characteristics
1. The instrument is driven by a synchronous motor. The motor rotates at a constant speed and it is not affected by changes in load and the power supply voltage.
2. It is equipped with two measurement units. Each unit contains a measurement chamber and several rotation cylinders with rotation shaft, so that it can meet different measurement requirements.
3. It adopts arc type dial, so it is convenient to read reading.
III. Main technical specification and parameters
1. Measurement range: 1¡«106mPa¡¤s;
2. Measurement error: ¡À5% (For Newton liquids);
3. Measurement unit: it contains unit II and unit III;
4. Speed: 750, 75, 7.5 RPM;
5. Power supply: AC220V¡À10%, 50 Hz;
6. Size: 170 mm¡Á140mm¡Á440mm;
7. Weight: 15 kg;

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