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GDJ-79 Rotational Viscometer

The instrument is suitable to be used for relevant laboratories and factories to determine absolute viscosity of Newton liquids and apparent viscosity of non-Newton viscosities. It can be used to determine viscosity of petroleum, resins, paints, inks, sizing agents, cosmetics, creams, pharmaceuticals, and asphalts. For liquids of different viscosities, and different measurement requirements, you can select different combinations for determination. It is small, light, convenient to be operated, easy to be maintained, durable and it can determine viscosity of liquids rapidly and reliably.
Main technical parameters:
1. Measurement range: 1~1000000 mPa•s;
2. Measurement error: ¡À5% (For Newton liquids);
3. Spindles: Unit  II, and III;
4. Speed: 750 RPM, 75 RPM, and 7.5 RPM;
5. Power supply: AC 220V¡À10%, 50 Hz;
6. Size: 170¡Á140¡Á440 mm;
7. Weight: 15 kg;

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