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GDH-1 Low Temperature Bath

The instrument is a laboratory instrument specially designed for relevant factories, companies, construction companies, research institutes, and colleges and universities. It uses a new type of refrigeration compressor, so it is with good refrigeration effects and low noise. It has been widely accepted by laboratory staffs. It is with large cubage and high temperature controlling accuracy. It is suitable to be used in laboratories of construction companies.
Technical parameters
1. Power supply: AC 220V (-5%¡«+10%), 50 Hz;
2. Water bath cubage: Length 370¡ÁWidth 300¡ÁHeight 300 (mm);
3. Water quantity: 28 L;
4. Heating device: electric heater, power is 1300 W;
5. Refrigeration device: a new type of refrigeration compressor;
6. Temperature controlling range: 5¡æ¡«80¡æ;
7. Temperature controlling accuracy: ¡À0.1¡æ;
8. Ambient temperature:  ¡Ü30¡æ;
9. Relative humidity: ¡Ü85%;
10. Total power consumption: not more than 2000 W;
11. Size: Length 750¡ÁWidth 540¡ÁHeight 580 (mm);
12. Weight: 30 kg;

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