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ZL-1 Portable Cooler

The instrument is specially designed for laboratory. When the room temperature is higher than testing temperature, it is an auxiliary cooling device used together with rotation viscometer series, and it can also used together with foaming characteristics tester, density tester, kinematic viscosity tester, etc. In addition, it can also be used as a cooling instrument for laboratory water bath.
Technical parameters:
1. Power supply: AC 220V¡À10%, 50 Hz;
2. Total power: 180 W;
3. Refrigeration compressor: a refrigeration compressor of totally enclosed type.
4. Medium: Environment friendly type R134a;
5. Ambient temperature: 5¡«35¡æ;
6. Relative humidity: ¡Ü85%;
7. There should not have any vibration, magnet, dust, and corrosive gas near the instrument.

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