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GDVA-405 Fully Automatic CT and PT Tester

-Safety regulations for CT/PT testing equipment application
-All technical index should keep in work condition before testing with Analyzer.
-Please follow associated international standards in a special application.
-Forbid high voltage or high current connected to CT/PT Analyzer directly.
-All tests need to follow procedure in user manual.
-It is forbid to open the box of CT/PT Analyzer. Otherwise, the quality assurance will be invalid.
-It is forbid to update or extend the tester without manufacturer authorization.
-Please use the original accessories for Analyzer.
-It is forbid to cut off test connection before LED indicator light is OFF.
-Please connect Analyzer to ground with grounding cable in no laboratory application.
-Please confirm that one terminal of sample CT primary connected to ground.
-Do not run Analyzer in extreme moist condition.
-Please confirm that all terminals connected to Analyzer have no voltage. All voltage outputs are from CT/PT Analyzer.
-Please confirm that voltage had been injected to CT secondary winding in CT test. Otherwise, CT/PT Analyzer will be damaged possibly.
-Please confirm that voltage had been injected to PT primary winding in PT ratio test. Otherwise, CT/PT Analyzer will be damaged possibly.
-The ratio error and phase angle error test is valid for electromagnetic voltage transformer only. It can not applied in CVT test.
II.CT PT Analyzer technical index
Tests for Current Transformer:
-Excitation curve and parameters test
-Turns ratio test
-Ratio and phase error test
-Polarity mark check
-Winding resistance measurement
-Secondary loop burden measurement
-Error line curve test for protection CT
-Transient CT parameters test
-CT nameplate guess
-Saturation hysteresis loop curve measurement

Tests for Voltage Transformer:
-Turns ratio test
-Ratio error and phase angle error test
-Polarity test
-Secondary burden test
-Winding resistance test

Applications of CT/PT Analyzer:
-CT nameplate check
-CT parameters check in work burden
-CT transient parameters analysis
-CT ratio and phase error calibration
-PT routine test

III---CT tester Technical index
Test standards: IEC60044-1, IEC60044-6, GB1208, GB16847, C57.13
-Power supply: AC220V10%,50Hz/60Hz10%
-Power output: 0.1~180V (AC)
-Current output: 0.001~5A(RMS)
-Maximum knee voltage measurement; 45kv
-Current measurement:
Range:0~10A (automatically change range in 0.1/0.4/2/10A)          
Error <0.1%+0.01%FS

-Voltage measurement:
Range:0~200 V (automatically change range in 1V/10V/70V/200V)
Error < 0.1%+0.01%FS

-Turns ratio measurement:
Range :1~35000,
1~2000 error<0.05%
2000~5000 error>0.1%
5000~35000 error<0.2%

-Phase measurement: error:2min,resolution:0.01min
-Coil resistance measurement:
Range:0~8k (automatically change range in 2ohm/20ohm/80ohm /800ohm /8kohm)
Error< 0.2%RDG+0.02%FS
Maximum resolution:0.1m
-Temperature measurement:-50~100 Celsius degree, error<3 Celsius degree
-CT Secondary burden:
Range 0~160ohm (automatically change range in 2ohm/20ohm/80ohm/160ohm)
Error <0.2%RDG+0.02%FS
Maximum resolution 0.001ohm
-PT Secondary burden:
Range 0~80kohm (automatically change range in 800ohm/8kohm/80kohm)
Error <0.2%RDG+0.02%FS
Maximum resolution: 0.1ohm
-PT ratio measurement:
Range :1~35000,
1~5000 error<0.2%
5000~35000 error<0.5%
-Saved data groups:>1000groups
-Work condition: Temperature:-10~50, moist:90%
-Size: 485mm356mm183mm
-Weight: <15Kg

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