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GD-0633 Liquid Petroleum Asphalt Flash Point Tester (Tag Open Cup Method)

This instrument is designed and made as per T0633-1993 Flash Point Determination for Liquid Asphalt by Tag Method in JTG E20-2011 Standard Test Methods for Bitumen
 and Bituminous Mixtures for Highway Engineering. It is used to test the liquid asphalt which flash point is lower than 93¡æ.
Main technical features
1.It adopts a special liquid heating system to heat the sample. It can ensure the safety of test. The heating power can be adjusted continuously.
2.Desktop structure. Stainless steel working bench and outer shell of heating furnace.
3.All parts are ready. User can do test as long as equipping civil gas and other natural gas.
Main technical specifications
1. Power supply: AC£¨220¡À10%£©V, 50Hz.
2. Sample cup: Metal crucible, 47mm in depth£¬§¶64mm in upper mouth diameter£¬§¶38mm in lower mouth diameter. There is a scale line at a distance of 3.2 from upper edge.
3. Heat preservation liquid cup: 0.3 high quality carbon structure steel. Inner diameter of upper mouth is ¦µ100mm¡À5mm; The height is (50¡À5)mm, Inner diameter of bottom
                                                is ¦µ56mm¡À2mm.
4. Igniter: It is composed of gas inlet pipe, flow rate adjusting valve and flame comparing ball. The diameter of spout is §¶0.7mm¡«0.8mm, Operator can adjust the flame to a ball with diameter 4mm.
5. Sample heat: The liquid heating system is composed of heating furnace, heat preservation liquid cup and sample cup. It can control the heating rate by heat regulator as per requirements.
6. Thermometer: 0¡æ¡«£«100¡æ£¬scale division is 1¡æ.
7. Measure gauge: Thickness is 3.2mm. There are two protuberances size 3.2¡À0.25mm. There is a §¶4.0mm hole and a §¶0.8 hole 3.2mm from the bottom.
8. Ambient temperature:  ¡Ü35¡æ¡£
9. Relative humidity:  ¡Ü85£¥

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