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GD-F02-20 Automatic Mixture Blender

This instrument is a stirrer for asphalt, grit, lapis-mixture or cement, grit, lapis-mixture. It is used in labs of science research, construction and authorities.

I.Main technical specifications
1. Volume: 20L
2. Temperature Range of Heating Stove: ambient ¡« 200 ¡æ random preset.
3. Temperature Control Precision: ¡À5 ¡æ, automatically control.
4. Timing Control:  £¨0~999£©S£»
5. Timing Control Precision:   ¡À0.1S
6. Rotary Speed of Stirring impeller: 
(a)Revolution Speed: 48r/m
(b)Self-rotary speed: 76 r/m.
7. Blending motor£º AC 380V, 550W£»1400R/min£»50Hz£»
8. Lifting motor£º  AC 380V, 250W£»1400R/min£»50Hz£»
9. Power Supply:  AC 380 V.
10. System of Temperature Control and Heating: 
(a)  Power Supply: AC 220V¡À10%  50 Hz
(b)  Power Consumption: 4 kW.
11. Dimension£º 600mm¡Á400mm¡Á1300mm
12. Net weight£º 215kg


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