GDL-40FW Fiber Optic Gyroscope Inclinometer (without Cable)



 The instrument is an inclination measurement instrument of new type, which adopts high precision fiber optic gyroscope as the measurement component. It is a precise and digital borehole inclinometer of new type, which is specially designed to determine slope and orientation of borehole in magnetic area or borehole with iron casing tube. It can precisely determine the dip angle and azimuth angle for vertical and directional borehole in magnetic area, and/or for vertical and directional borehole with iron casing tube. It can be widely used for borehole measurement in metallurgy, engineering, oil field, coal field, and geology, etc.


I. Main technical characteristics

1. It adopts precise fiber optic gyroscope as the azimuth angle measurement component, so it has characteristics of small volume, long useful life, impact and shake resistance, tiny zero point drift. It is the perfect orientation sensor for azimuth angle measurement in magnetic area and in borehole with iron casing tube.

2. It adopts a precise double-axis dip angle sensor as the measurement component of dip angle. The measurement data of dip angle can be determined after sampling by AD converter of 24 digits and data processing.

3. It can determine the north azimuth angle of borehole at any time without surface orientation, so it is time and labor saving. It can meet the requirements on measurement accuracy.

4. Equipped with special operation software, it can show and print out inclination measurement data sheet of borehole, plot plane diagram, sectional diagram, side projection diagram, and space trace diagram of borehole. The computer can process and save measurement data, and plot plane projection diagram and 3D trajectory diagram.


II. Main technical specification and parameters

1. Measurement range:

(1) Dip angle: 0°~50°;

(3) Azimuth angle: 0°~360°;

2. Measurement error

(1) Dip angle: ±0.2°;

(2) Azimuth angle: <±3° (Dip angle 1°~50°);

3. Measurement depth: 1500 m (Temperature<60 ℃);

4. Measurement mode: at fixed points;

5. Power supply for charging: AC 100V~AC 240 V, 50 Hz;

6. Ambient temperature: -10 ℃~55 ℃;

7. Inclinometer probe: Φ40mm×1600mm;