GDX-3A2 Digital Inclinometer




The instrument is latest designed digital inclination measurement instrument of new type with the function of automatic test dada recording. It is upgraded instrument used to determine dip angle and azimuth angle of vertical or directional borehole. It is the best instrument used to determine inclination of borehole, which is greater than 54 mm in diameter, in the non-magnetic engineering area, hydrology, oil field, coal field, and geology.


Main characteristics

1. It adopts a high precision gravity accelerator and a 3D magneto-resistance sensor to form the measurement system, so it is sensitive, good in repeatability, and small.

2. It uses modern digital signal processing techniques, so it can calculate dip angle and azimuth angle accurately, so that they can meet the requirement for accuracy.

3. It adopts long distance transmitting technology, so it can transmit digital signal through long cables reliably. This highly improves anti-interference ability of the instrument.

4. It removes hammer swing parts in the probe tube. This highly improves anti-shaking ability of the instrument. The depth interval and measurement point numbers can be preset at random. This improves measurement efficiency.

5. It adopts an ultra-brighten LCD for display, and uses six controlling buttons for man-machine conversation. Test dada can be recorded automatically without manual intervention.

6. It combines button operation with display interface, so it is convenient to be operated. If purchase a micro-printer, it can print out test data at determination field.


Technical parameters

1. Inclination measurement depth: ≤1200 meter;

2. Measurement range and measurement error:

(1) Dip angle measurement range:  0~50°; Measurement error: ±0.2°;

(2) Azimuth angle measurement range: 0~360°;

The dip angle is 1~3°: Measurement error is ±5.0°;

The dip angle is 3~50°: Measurement error is ±3.0°;

3. Measurement mode: at fixed point; measurement depth interval and measurement point numbers can be preset at random;

4. Data storage: 100 group of measurement data in maximum;

5. Record mode: automatic recording; test data can be saved automatically;

6. Power supply: AC 220V±10%, 50 Hz;

7. Working environment for controlling unit:

(1) Temperature: -10℃~50℃;

(2) Relative humidity: ≤85%;

8. Working environment for inclinometer probe:

(1) Temperature: 0℃~55℃;

(2) Pressure endured: ≤15MPa;

9. Size and weight:

(1) Controlling unit: 270×220×155 mm; 2.4 kg;

(2) Inclinometer probe: Φ54×1345 mm; 13.5 kg;