GDK-1 Dip Angle and Azimuth Angle Calibration Tester




It can be used to check GDP-1 Portable Inclinometer, JGDX-3 Inclinometer, GDP-3A Portable Digital Inclinometer, and GDX-3A Digital Inclinometer at site. It can also be used to determine inclination of other projects on the ground. It can be used as a water level, too. It is portable. It is the tools to determine inclination at site.


Technical parameters

1. Measurement range:

(1) Dip angle: 0°~90°;

(2) Azimuth angle: 0°~360°;

2. Measurement error:

(1) Dip angle: ±0.2° (the smallest reading is 0.1°);

(2) Azimuth angle: ±2° (the smallest reading is 0.1°);

3. Instrument size: 280×100×120 mm;

4. Weight: 1 kg;