DYJC Series Online Coalescing and Vacuum Turbine Oil Purifier



Brief Introduction

DYJC series online coalescing and vacuum turbine oil purifier  is designed for deep dehydration from oil which contains much water (≥2%) and seriously emulsified. Dehydrate by 2 systems: coalescing and vacuum. Coalescing remove free water by 2 kinds of special filters, vacuum remove dissolved water and emulsified water. After dehydration, there are filters to remove particles.

To remove free water: 2 kinds of special filters. One called coalescing filter, which gather small water molecule into big water drop. Another called separation filter, which let oil flow while water drop can not flow. Water drop will fall into a tank by gravity

To remove dissolved water and emulsified water: vacuum distillation, water will be vapor at 40-60°C under vacuum degree and pumped out, vapor will be water again in cooling system and discharged.

To remove particles: we use 3 stage of filters to get cleanness up to NAS grade 6.


1. Perfect design, you can run the coalescing system or the vacuum system only. Surely to run both of the systems is the best solution.

2. Work on line, prolong turbine oil life and maintain your turbine/ lubricating system timely.

3. There is DCS distance control connection.

4. The separated water can be discharged manually or automatically.

5. There are pressure protection for the coalescing tank and filtering tanks.

6. Explosion-proof type and trailer type are available.

Index after purification (test at oil-outlet of the purifier) 

  water content ≤ 50ppm

  gas content <0.2%         

  kinematic viscosity (40°C):28.8-35.2 mm²/s

  flash point ( open cup) > 190°C

  acid value ≤ 0.2 mgKOH/g ( without antirust in your oil)

                   ≤ 0.3 mgKOH/g ( with antirust in your oil)

 demulsibility≤60 min

 filtration accuracy ≤ 5 micron

 oil appearance: transparent

 cleanness: ≤NAS grade 6


Parameter of DYJC Online Turbine Oil Purification Machine ( Twice Dehydration By Vacuum And Special Filters)