ZJC Series Lubrication Oil Purifier



Brief Introduction

ZJC Series Lubrication Oil Purifier is used for cooling, lubricating or speed regulation of various indutrial waste oil with the viscosity lower than 320mm/s ,such as mechanical oil ,hydraulic oil ,compressor oil and cooler oil etc.  which will be polluted by water (free water, dissolved water, emulsified water) and particles.Water and particles will seriously affect safe running and lifetime of turbine or lubricating systems. It can work combined with our JB regeneration system to remove oil sludge and colloid, to de-color and reduce acid value.


1. Vacuum separation of the oil filtration machine is connected with an inflator. This is our new technology (Patent No. ZL200420060968.5). It uses particular stainless steel, foldable column, to dehydrate and degas. This design can get good separation effect by the three-dimensional evaporation when there is enough time for oil falling.  

2. It uses new-type heating equipment (Patent No. ZL02276238.8) with low heating load is to prevent oil from ageing.

3. Since there are high water content in turbine oil, ZJC-T oil filtration machine uses water-ring vacuum pump.

4. There is photoelectric switch to control oil level with sensitive and precise features (even. foams can be sensed). So there is no possibility of oil-spraying (spray-free Patent No. ZL200420060973.6) .

5. It uses high-viscosity oil feed pump which has special sealing treatment. It is free from oil leakage, low noise and long lifetime.

6. The multi-stage filters and be china-made or Italy-made for different kinds of oil as your required. Which remove particles and cleanness up to NAS grade 6.


Technical data of ZJC Series Lubrication Oil Purifier