KYJ Series Fire-Resistance Oil Purifier



Brief Introduction

KYJ series fire-resistance oil purifier is especially designed for fire-resistant oil with suitable material for vacuum dehydration, particles-removal and acid-reduction.

For customer choice, we also have a simple type to purify fire-resistant oil: KYJ-I high precision oil filtration. It has simple structure with multi-stage filters to remove particles to NAS grade 5. This machine almost could not remove water. It is suitable for customer who cares about cleanness but does not care about water content.


1. The tank and pipelines where fire-resistant oil going through are all made of stainless steel.

2. Dehydrate by vacuum distillation, water content less than 100ppm.

3. Oil-input and oil-output keep balance by photoelectric switch which is sensitive and accurate to monitor oil level in the tank, stop inputting oil when level marked high and keep inputting oil when low. Therefore, all series of YUNENG brand oil filtration machines never spray oil.

4. We use filters which designed only for fire-resistant oil to remove particles. Cleanness up to NAS grade 5.

5. There is system with absorbent to solve acid problem.

6. After treatment, the important index-resistivity up to ≥ 6 x 109.

7. Good appearance, compact structure and easy operation.

Specification of  KYJ Series Fire-Resistance Oil Purifier