DDS-3 Very Low Frequency (VLF) Electromagnetic Instrument



Main Application and Feature

VLF Electromagnetic Instrument is to utilize the electromagnetic wave transmitted by VLF radio station as field source to determine the changes of various parameters of VLF electromagnetic field under the influence of geologic body.

Mainly used for detecting underground ore body and caves, and for rapid resistivity mapping; also has good prospecting effects on searching of underground pipes, water leakage of building foundations and collapse foundations.

The instrument is compact in size and light in weight, easy for operation, with stable and reliable performance, multiple function with one machine, with flexible operating method.

Technical Specification

Working Frequency: 17.4 KHz, 22.3 KHZ, two frequency spots.

Measurement Parameter: Magnetic Field 1~30 Mγ

Inclination: ±45°

Electric Field: 3~200μV/m

Short-circuit Noise: ≤1μV

Service Ambient Temperature: 0℃~40℃

Relative Humidity (RH): 85%

Power Supply: 9V, Power Consumption ≤120mW

Dimensions: 260×95×150mm

Weight: 3.5Kg (Including electrodes, cables)

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