ATEM-Ⅳ Transient Electromagnetic System



Main Applications and Features

By adopting the lead synchronization technology, ultra-high power detecting range can be extended from a few meters to a thousand meters; with multiple function in one machine, with integration of superficial part and intermediate part, the instrument is suitable for the place with features like mountainous areas and complicated geological environment; by adopting IGBT bridge circuit, high-power, quick shut-off, portable electromagnetic transmitter can be realized; by adopting floating-point amplification and FPGA technology, high-resolution receiver can be realized; USB port data transfer facilitates the man-machine dialogue, thus the system can be widely used in investigation works including metal mine, coal field, oil field gas, geothermal, water resources survey and including environmental pollution detection, etc.

Technical Specifications


Dimensions: 36×230×30cm

Weight: 7Kg (without cells)

Sampling Frequency: fastest 5μs, Optional

Dynamic Range: 1~156 db

Superposition Times: 1~9999 Optional

Bandwidth: DC 0~13kHz

Synchronizing mode: Conductor Synchronization

A/D16 bits, dominant frequency: 833MHz

Memory: 128M, storage capacity: 4G

Loop Device: Overlap, Center, Dipole


Power Supply: DC 4V~360V

Rated Output Power: 10Kw

Maximum Output Voltage: 360V

Maximum Output Current: 50A (continuous), 70A (pulse)

Frequency Range: Power Supply 1.25~125Hz (8 frequency spots)

Output Waveform: Two Types (Mode 0, Mode 1)

Shutoff Time: Change with transmitting current, transmitting coil when connecting coils

Minimum Shutoff ?Time: 1.2μs (pure resistance load)

Synchronization Mode: conductor synchronization

Volume: 490×300×310mm

Weight: 12Kg

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