DJF-2 5/10/15kw High Power DC IP Measuring System



Main Applications and Features

High Power Direct Current IP Measuring System includes: receiver, time domain IP transmitter, rectification power, simulator and dummy load. The system is a high-tech product which integrated with geophysics, electronics, computer technology, information processing technology, aiming to hydro-geological, mineral geology, engineering geology, energy, geology, environmental geology applications.

For large areas of metal mining, non-metallic mineral resources, geological survey and detailed survey work, search for groundwater and other hydrological and engineering geological exploration.

The system transmitter has two synchronization mode (domestic initiation): delay synchronization after pulse and high-precision quartz clock synchronization, which allows high efficiency of field production, also convenient and flexible.

System Composition

One 5/10/15KW High Power Direct Current IP Transmitter

One 5/10/15KW High Power Rectifier Power Source

One or more DJS-8B Direct Current IP Receiver

Electrodes AB, Power Lines AB, Measuring Electrodes, and other related accessorie

DJF-2 5/10/15kw Transmitter

Auto time travel, with regular current storage function to facilitate future resistance calculation

Micro-computer controlled, large-screen LED to display output voltage and current, touch panel.

Provide with RS-232 serial interface to facilitate the transferring of current data

High voltage, high current, with over-voltage and over-current protection and circuit-opening attention

Technical Specifications

Maximum Transmitting Power: 5 /10 /15KW

Maximum Power Supply Voltage: ± 1000 V

Maximum Power Supply Current: 5/10/15A

Power Supply Pulse Width: 1~60 sec.

Output Waveform: Bipolar waveform, Duty Cycle 1:1

Current Storage Time Interval: Programmable, Step Length: 1 minute

Data Storage: Can store current data not less than 8,000 groups (including data like year, month, date, hour, minute, etc. of measurement time), with power-failure protection

Large Screen Display: 160 × 128 Lattice Graphic LCD

Working Temperature: -10℃~ +50℃, 95%Rh

Storage Temperature-20℃~ +60℃

Volume: 476×309×247 mm

Weight: 12 kg

DJS-8B High Power IP Receiver


Rapid and Accurate: By adopting pulse delay synchronization mode and high-precision quartz clock synchronization mode, more accurate power-off delay is enabled , precise polarization measurement is realized , thus overcome the enlarging problem of apparent polarization error caused by large judgement error in power-off time for similar instruments.

Automation: SCM (Single Chip Micyoco) automatically execute self-potential compensation, gain adjustment, filtering and signal enhancement.

Time Parameter Recording: DJS-8B has auto travel time function, with measuring time stored together with measured results to facilitate the calculation of apparent resistivity.

Extra-large Storage: 15,000 groups of measured values can be stored, no loss even in case of power failure

Strong Anti-interference Capability: Adopt signal enhancement technology to suppress the interference a, thus highlight the effective signals.

RS-232C serial port can work with microcomputer (PC) on-line.

Fault Diagnosis: Fault location and damaged device can be accurately identified.

Technical Specifications

Maximum Measuring Voltage: ±3V                                                                                                        

Measuring Voltage Resolution: 0.01mV

Measuring Voltage Accuracy: ±1%, ±1 digit

M Value Width Ratio: 1: 2: 4: 8;

Polarizability Measurement: 0.2±1 digit at M s ≤3%; 0.1±1 digit at M s ≥3%

Power Supply Cycle: 4, 8, 16 seconds (three kinds)

Number of Repeated Measurements: Optional from 1 to 10

Instrument Delay Time: 100ms ~1000ms, can be set optionally

Suppression on 50Hz Power Frequency: better than 80dB

Input Impedance:>30 MΩ

Data Storage Capacity: 128KB

Machine Working Temperature: -10℃~50℃, humidity 95%

Volume: 240×95×240mm

DZ-2 5/10/15KW Rectifier Power Source


Technical Specifications

Input Voltage: 220V/50Hz AC

Voltage Allowable Fluctuation Range: -15%~+10%

Output Voltage: 50/100/200/300/400/500/700/850/1000V

Maximum Power Supply Current: 5/10/15A

Maximum Output Power: 5/10/15KW

Voltage Indication Accuracy: ±1%

Current Indication Accuracy: ±1%

Working Temperature: -10℃~50℃, Humidity 95%

Weight: 45/66/98 kg

Volume: 480×338×400mm

DMF-2 Micro-Power Detection Transmitting Device (Simulator)


Main Applications and Specifications

Used as signal source for DJS series receiver to test the working status of receiver.

Can be used as micro-power transmitter, or as outcrop for rock samples or field ore body (associated with receive

Output Analog Signal: 6 taps: 3/10/30/100/300/1000mv

Output Apparent Polarizability: 4 taps: 0% (zero polarization), 3%, 10%, 50%

Analog Output Waveform: positive and negative square wave, duty cycle 1:1

Cycle Selection: power supply square wave pulse width 1~15s. (Cycle: 4~6s)

Working Temperature: -10℃~50℃, 95% RH

Power Supply: 1# dry cell, 6 pcs.

Volume: 225×115×90mm

Weight: 2 kg

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