DUK-2B Multi-Electrode Resistivity Survey System



Main Applications

Widely used for high-resolution research, tomography and monitoring applications.

Coal mining gobs, caves of Custer area, geological disasters survey like landslides other geological disasters.

High resolution engineering geological exploration like factory foundations, highways, bridges, railways, civil engineering, hydrology, engineering, environmental.

For landslides and other geological disaster exploration.

Metal and non-metallic mineral resources exploration and geothermal exploration

Main Features

Assembly data acquisition devices and multiplexer together in the same case,which not only reduce the volume but also decrease the weight, thus avoid errors caused by operating the devices separately and due to inconformity of switch parameter settings.

Maintain all functions of DUK-2A Multi-Electrodes Resistivity Survey System and conventional electrical method.

Add high and low current transform taps, add high and low input impedance transformation tap, and improve the acquisition capability of weak signals.

Add storage and output functions for compensation SP voltage value.

Adopt 16-bit A/D and 16-bit D/A, thus improve the discernibility for measurement of collected data.

Add the function for automatically detect grounding resistance before each measurement; give directions for the points exceed the grounding resistance value, for automatically proceeding with further measurement if required; the value at such point can be replaced with a fixed symbol to facilitate the elimination of this point while processing the information and data.

Greatly enhance the repeatability of measured data.

Technical Specifications

Conversion Electrodes: 60 channels

Voltage Measuring Range: ±6V

Voltage Measuring Accuracy: 0.5%, ±1 digit

Measuring Voltage Resolution: 1μV

Current Measuring Range: 1μA~2000mA, 1μA~6000mA (two taps)

Measuring Current Resolution: 1μA

Measuring Current Accuracy: 0.5%, ±1 digit

Maximum Power Supply Voltage: 500VDC

Maximum Power Supply Current: 2A

Measured Apparent Polarizability Accuracy: ±1%, ±1 digit

SP Compensation Range: 1000mV

Input Impedance: 20 MΩ, 100 MΩ (two taps)

Suppression on 50Hz Power Frequency: better than 80dB

Storage Capacity: 1MB

Power Supply: 1# cell, 8 pcs; or external 12V battery (cells to be taken out when use the battery)

Power Consumption: 250 mA (Standby)

Working Temperature: -10℃~ +50℃, 95%Rh

Weight: 8.5 kg

Volume: 324×240×245mm

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