Relay Protection Tester

GDJB-PC Three-Phase Relay Protection Tester





      1.GDJB-PC Universal Secondary Injection Relay Test Set is applied to test the relay unit in relay protection system.

      2.At the same time GDJB-PC Universal Secondary Injection Relay Test Set could be considered as a universal three phase AC/DC voltage source or current source.

      3.It can work alone or connected to computer, inside the relay controller there are new speed digital signal mini PC and real DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter) template with new high fidelity and high power, the machine has large panel screen and rotating mouse. It is small in volume, high precision.

II---Product Characteristics

1    Intelligent mainframe that is used high speed DSP.

2    Separately running

3    Run with connecting to computer

4    16 bit DAC chip

5    Big screen LED

6    “Idiot” operation

7    New type power amplifier

8    Current, voltage output directly

9    Self-protection

10    Abundant contact

11    Compounded structure

12    Abundant capabilities against low price


1    AC current and voltage based protection relay unit test

2    DC current and voltage based protection relay unit test

3    Frequency protection relay unit test

4    Harmonic protection relay unit test

5    Differential protection relay unit test

6    Zero-sequence protection relay unit test

7    Distance protection relay unit test

8    Power system network fault simulation

IV---Technique Index

1.Max AC current output 30A at per phase limited in 10s, 90A at three phases in parallel limited in 10s, Frequency 20~1000Hz, Continuous current output 10A at per phase , Capacity 420VA at per phase

2. Max DC continuous current output±10 at per phase, maximum voltage 20V, 30A output at three phase in panel

3. Max AC voltage output 120V at per phase, 240V at phase to phase, Frequency 20~1000Hz, capacity 80VA at per phase, 100VA at phase to phase

4.Max DC voltage output±160V at per phase,±320V at phase to phase, capacity 70VA

5.Time counter 0.1ms~9999s, error < 0.1ms

6.AC current and voltage error <0.5%RDG+0.05%FS

7.DC current error<0.5%RDG+0.05%FS, DC voltage error 1%RDG+0.1%FS

8.Binary input: Active node 0~250V, 0~6V for “0”, 6~250V for “1”, passive node: 20mA max

9.Binary output: DC 220V/0.2A, AC 220V/0.5A

10.Power supply:AC220V ± 10%, 50Hz/60Hz

11.Environment temperature: 0~50°C



V---Technical Parameters


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