ASTM D 2843 Density of Smoke Chamber


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In a fire, people are often smoke suffocated or unable to escape because of the invisible road, so in the prevention of fires,
smoke density of the test material is essential.
Building materials smoke density Tester conforms to the national standard GB/t 8627-2007 specification and requirements, can be used to measure and describe materials, products, components, response to heat and flame under controlled laboratory conditions, measurement of construction materials in combustion or decomposition of the experimental conditions of static yield cigarettes.


ASTM D2843 Smoke Density Test

Certification Required: The International Building Code (IBC) requires this fire test—among others—for light-transmitting plastics. Manufacturers may find it beneficial to obtain an Intertek certification (ETL Mark or Code Compliance Research Report) to provide third-party assurance of their material's performance characteristics.

Additionally, the Florida Building Code (FBC) High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) / Miami-Dade requires this test—among others—in order to qualify as an "Approved Plastic." Manufacturers may wish to obtain a Notice of Acceptance (NOA) from Miami-Dade or a statewide Florida Product Approval. The CCRR can be used in support of a Florida Product Approval.

Scope: Per ASTM D2843, this test method measures "smoke obscuration produced by the burning or decomposition of plastics. It is intended to be used for measuring the smoke-producing characteristics of plastics under controlled conditions… Correlation with other fire conditions is not implied."

Applicable Products: Plastic materials

Test Procedure: The test specimen is exposed to flame for the duration of the 4-minute test, and the resulting smoke is mostly contained in the test chamber. The horizontal light absorption was measured across the light beam path of a photoelectric cell, and the condition of the smoke chamber was observed.

End Result: The test results in two indexes which are used to rate the material: the maximum smoke produced and the smoke-density rating.

Special Notes: (None)

Intertek Testing Locations: York, PA; Middleton, WI

GB/T 8627 Smoke Density Test


1. The test chamber is painted, beautiful, durable anti-corrosion.
2. Transparent glass doors for easy observation of the test.
3. Stainless steel sample holder and sample templates.
4. The light absorption rate: 0-100% can be measured continuously. Smoke density resolution 0.1%.
5. The smoke density measurement accuracy: ± 3%.
6. With the main burner and pilot burner.
7. Equipped with exhaust fan, exhaust the smoke after test; exhaust volume 1700L/min.
8. 300mm optical path. 480mm height distance above the base.
9. The optical glass is easy to clean and keep clean translucent glass to avoid soot particles adhered to affect light effect.

  Control System:  

1.Automatic timing, automatic ignition, automatic smoke, flux can be automatically corrected. 

2.Laptop and Labview can collect, calculate and save data. 

3.Labview test special control procedures: More beautiful interface, Easy to understand. 

4.Real-time data and the smoke density curve display / History curve and data display and query