GD-3536D Automatic Flash Point Tester




This instrument is designed and made as per GB/T3536-2008 Petroleum Products - Determination of Flash and Fire Points - Cleveland open cup method and ASTM D 92 Standard Test Method for Flash and Fire Points by Cleveland Open Cup Tester. It is applicable to all petroleum products with flash points above 79℃ and below 400℃ except fuel oils.

I. Main Technical Features

1. This instrument is a kind of fully-automatic instrument wich can do determination for both flash point and fire point.

2. This instrument adopts technology of single chip microcomputer and LCD screen.Full English man-machine dialog interface. It can preset the parameters of expected flash point,sample mark number, atmospheric pressure, test date,etc.It has menu to prompt and input function of guide type.

3. This instrument adopts desktop structure and advanced design.The man-machine interface make it easy to use.And the test result is accurate.It can be widely used in railway,aviation,electric power, petroleum industry and colleges,scientific research institutes,measurement departments to do determination of flash point and fire point for petroleum products.

II. Main Technical Specifications

1. Power supply:  AC(220±10%)V, 50Hz

2. Temperature measurement:    Range: room temperature~400℃

                                               Repeatability: ≤8℃

                      Reproducibility: ≤17℃

                                               Accuracy: 0.1℃

3. Heating rate:   Correspond with GB/T3536 and ASTM D92

4. Igniting mode: Electric ignition, 

                          Gas flame diameter: 3.2mm~4.8mm

5. Ambient temperature: (10~40)℃

6. Relative humidity: ≤80%

7. Maximum power consumption: 500W

8. Dimension: 520mm×380mm×310mm      Weight: 13kg

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