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GD-ISO1716 Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter:

Heat of combustion of materials is important characterize parameters to calculated building materials release heat and fire basic data.The GD-ISO 1716 Oxygen bomb calorimeter is designed according to ISO 1716.

GDY-1A Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter:

1.GDY-1A Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter is designed and made as per the National Standard of People’s Republic of China GB/T213 “Test Methods for Calorific Value of coal”, GB/T384 “Test Methods for Calorific Value of Petroleum Products” and Calibration Regulation of People’s Republic of China JJG672 “Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter”, as well as Company Standard of Shanghai Q/YXYY 10 “XRY-1 Series Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter”.

2.The heat capacity of the instrument is 14400~14500 J/K, and it is suitable for the determination of water-free oil products (gasoline, jet fuel, diesel oil and fuel oil, etc.) and combustible material such as coal, coke, paraffin wax content determination of calorific value.


  • ISO 1716 

Standard test program:

Warning-The product's aluminum or other metal components shall not be tested in the bomber heat meter, otherwise it will cause serious damage to the operator due to overheating and/or ultra-pressure.

Open the instrument at least 1 hour before the test, or until it reaches a stable state.

1. Put the sample in the 1.

2. Put the on the bracket.

3. Put the sintering metal wire and go around the contact sample.

4. Check whether the two electrodes and ignition lines ensure good electrical contact.

5. Place the bracket in the main body of the heat bomb. 1 ml of de -ion water can be introduced in the body to absorb any acidic gas generated. Absorption of acidic gases can help reduce the erosion in the bomb container.

6. Adjust the lid and keep it on the subject of the bomb. Connect the bomb to the oxygen cylinder, then carefully open the tap of the bottle, and pote the water in the bomb until it reaches 3.0 MPa to 3.5 MPa (if it is not automatically achieved) without excluding the existing air.

7. Put the bomb in the heating container.

8. The vector thermometer container is injected enough to cover the bullet cover. The distilled water or ionic water on the surface is weighed. This - water volume should be the same as the amount of water used in the calibration procedure (see 8.2.1), which is accurate to 1 gram (if it cannot be automatically implemented).

9. Check whether the bomb is leaked (there is no continuous air bubble flow).

10. Place the heating instrument container in the water cover.

11. Please follow the steps below.

A] Set the temperature measurement device, start the mixer and the time device (if it cannot be implemented automatically).

B] Makes the water in the heating container reaching the temperature of the clip temperature. At least the water temperature in the heatmeter container per minute, until the continuous reading is the same in the+0.01k range, at least 10 minutes (if this is not automatically implemented). Read this temperature as the initial temperature, TI. Note 1 For some automatic instruments, the manufacturer of the instrument pointed out that it is enough than 10 minutes. If this is the case, this shortened time can be used. The condition is that the laboratory needs to check and record the manufacturer's information.

C] Turn off the circuit to cause burning.

D] It is only applicable to thermal heat meter: At the rapid heating up of the water in the heat container, the water temperature in the jacket should be as close to the water temperature in the heat container as much as possible. +0,01k. At least every minute, pay attention to the water temperature in the amount of heat container until the continuous reading is within the+0.01k range, at least 10 minutes. Remember this temperature as the highest temperature, TM.

Note 2 These processes can be automated in equipment design on the market.

E]  Remove the bomb from the heating meter, and then slowly reduce the pressure. Open the bomb. It is confirmed that it has been completely burned, that is, there is no smoke deposits inside the bomb, and there is no trace of carbon on the side of the cricket. Rinse and dry the bomb.

F] If there is no complete combustion, you can try different sample preparation methods to use the ratio of combustion agent to/or increase the proportion of benzoic acid. For some materials, the best way to find and error procedures.

  • GB/T 14402

  • GB/T8624 


GD-ISO1716 Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter:

1.  GD-ISO 1716 Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter including: calorimeter apparatus, high-pressure oxygen bomb, cold water installations, computer and control system (which can record and display the curve), LCD screen and software.

2.  Crucible made of stainless steel.

3.  Box paint treatment; all internal parts are made of stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, easy to clean.

4.  Ignition wire break is detection, and automatic ignition.

5.  The test procedure automatically turn off.

6.  Test abnormalities has sound alarm.

7.  Computer control system: Control box with USB / RS232 serial port with an external brand desktop or laptop operating control; High degree of automation, test procedure safe and reliable, easy to operate.

GDY-1A Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter:

1) GDY-1A Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter uses a self sealed oxygen bomb, all the structure of the use of stainless steel, the strength is sufficient to withstand the maximum pressure generated by solid combustion (70 ~ 60 ATM), and can withstand the pressure of liquid fuel generated by the greater pressure.
2) The inner tube of the instrument is made by stainless steel sheet, section of pears, put the barrel of water was 3000 grams, water cylinder with electric blender, to ensure that the inner tube water bath temperature uniformity.
3) GDy-1A Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter of the external water jacket is a double container and experiment when filled with water, through the water jacket mixer to cylinder in uniform temperature, formed to meet the test requirements of the constant temperature environment.


1, the bomb capacity: (300 ± 50) mL.

2, oxygen bomb pressure range: 0.5 ~ 3.5MPa, no leakage. The bomb pressure 21Mpa.

4, the crucible: Φ25mm, height (14-19) mm, a wall thickness of 1mm. Stainless steel

5, the stirring power 3W; inner tube stirring speed: 375r / min;

7, Timer: accuracy of 0.5s;

8. Maximum power: 0.5KW;

9, the ambient temperature: (10 ~ 35) humidity 80%;

10, the heat capacity of the instrument: about 10000J / K;

11, the heat capacity of the repeatability error: 0.2%;

12, temperature range: (4.5-50) ;

13, temperature detection: 0.0001 ℃ resolution, using the PT100 sensor;

14, the inner cylinder volume: 2000ml; oxygen bomb Sealing: oxygenation pressure 2.5 ~ 3.5MPa, no leakage;

15, stirring power: 3W; stirring speed: the inner tube (375r / min);

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