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Single-Flame Source Tester is designed and made according to ISO11925-2, it is used to test building material under condition in the absence of external radiation to direct impact of vertically placed samples with a small flame to determine the flammability of this building material products.


Building Materials




EN ISO 11925-2

Reaction to fire tests -- Ignitability of products subjected to direct impingement of flame -- Part 2: Single-flame source test

This specification is BS EN ISO 11925-2:2020. response to tests with fire. The following ICS categories are used to categorize the ignitability of items exposed to direct flame impingement:

13.220.50 Resistance to fire of construction materials and components

This document describes a test procedure for testing the ignitability of items utilizing vertically oriented test specimens and a direct small flame impingement under zero impressed irradiance.

DIN 53438

1. This standard specifies the test method of determining the surface response on the surface

The ignition switch is briefly called method F. See DIN 53438 No. 1.din 50050 and DIN 50051

2. Participate or prepare 10 tests for testing. If it is an alien product, pay attention to the sampling direction, and include this information in the test.

3. The width of the test film should be 230mm and the length is 90mm. Their thickness depends on the specifications of the product or shall be agreed. Only the thickness of the test parts will not deviate from the thickness of all other test films more than 10 % at any time. If you exceed the given allowable deviation, the test report should contain an effect of an annotation.


Fire behaviour of building materials and elements Part 1: Classification of building materials Requirements and testing

  Main Feature:  

1. Box paint treatment, beautiful. Features: 

2. The combustion chamber dimensions of ISO 11925 Ignitability tester: length 700mm *width 400mm * high 600mm.

3. The flame height can be adjusted, automatic ignition.

4. The flame burning application time and hold time can range from 0 to 99 minutes 99 seconds regulation.

5. Combustion angle: 0 ° (vertical), 45 °.

6. The burner can be moved in a horizontal direction.

7. Glass doors for easy observation test.

8. All fixtures are made of stainless steel; beautiful and anti-corrosion.

9. Equipped with two types of stainless steel sample holder. With flame height measuring.

10. High degree of test automation, test data accurate, easy to operate.


 Control System of ISO 11925 Ignitability Test Apparatus: 

1.Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Control.

2.Automatic timing, automatic detection of the flame, automatic ignition, ignition abnormal protection.

3.LCD touch screen display.

4.Real-time monitoring of experimental data, queries six samples of experimental data, query alarm content.

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