WDDS-2C Digital Resistivity Meter


Product Introduction

The instrument is our newly developed product with years of research and production experience of advanced electrical tool, which includes many advanced electronic technique such as pocket PC, blue tooth, 24 bit A/D, and large power control. This tool has small size and light weight, and its main technique specifications and functions are more advanced than similar tools abroad and home can be applied in different complex regions. It has been applied widely in metal and non-metal mineral prospecting, civil prospecting, railway, bridge, etc. It can also be applied in underground water, water reservoir dam foundation, jetty hidden trouble, and geothermal exploration.

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By utlizing the apparent resistivity parameters, WDDS-2 resistivity meter is widely used in hydrology, environmental protection, engineering geophysical exploration, metal and non-metal mineral resources exploration.

This instrument applies to electrical such as vertical electrical sounding, electrical profiling, charging method and spontaneous potential method on ground and in trench.



In 1D Vertical Electrical Sounding survey, WDDS-2 resistivity meter power can up to 3500W of power supply,can be emitted to allow excited pulse signals to reach deeper strata.  Prior to field testing, measurement array configurations and the electrode scanning parameters can be in putted into the monitoring host, thus reducing the time spent in field to enter the survey parameters and increase survey productivity.