WDA-1 Resistivity & IP Electrical Resistivity Meter



The instrument is our newly developed product with years of research and production experience of advanced electrical tool, which includes many advanced electronic technique such as pocket PC, blue tooth, 24 bit A/D, and large power control. This tool has small size and light weight, and its main technique specifications and functions are more advanced than similar tools abroad and home can be applied in different complex regions. It has been applied widely in metal and non-metal mineral prospecting, civil prospecting, railway, bridge, etc. It can also be applied in underground water, water reservoir dam foundation, jetty hidden trouble, and geothermal exploration.



1. Truly one machine with multiple capabilities -- voltage and current range and small signal measurement accuracy greatly improved, The instrument can be qualified for rock sample tester, high power IP receiver, conventional resistivity meter, excitometer, water finder, 2D and 3D high density electrical instrument host (for more functions of high density electrical system, please refer to the WGMD-9 super high density electrical system description with WDA-1 as the host) and many other instruments.

Multiple measurement parameters, a wide range of applications - can be measured voltage, current, apparent resistivity, spontaneous potential, apparent polarization, metal factor, half decay time, decay, excitation ratio, deviation and voltage decay curve (namely IP spectrum data)

2. Ultra-large power supply, ultra-wide measuring range, ultra-high precision -- up to 9000W (1500V×6A) power supply capacity, ultra-wide voltage input range of 160Vp-p, extremely high small signal measurement accuracy (voltage as small as 0.1mV and current as small as 0.1mA can still give the measurement accuracy of ±1%), so that the instrument can be better used in high resistance areas. Get deeper, better measurements.

3. Instrument panel is provided with "infinity" pole, used to connect the two pole, three pole method of "infinity" electrode, especially the conventional electrical method of three pole measurement (joint section method and joint electrical sounding method), the instrument can automatically measure ρsA, ρsB, and ρs, without operator intervention, reduce human error, improve efficiency.

Bluetooth technology, wireless remote control -- the first tablet computer remote control instrument host with Bluetooth wireless communication technology, 10 meters away from the instrument host, can easily achieve setting parameters, start measurement, transmission and display measurement results, experience unprecedented convenience.

4. Tablet computer control, powerful - all Chinese tablet computer to achieve man-machine interface and acquisition control, acquisition parameter Settings, data display and storage, a variety of curves (such as joint profile, joint electrical sounding, Wenner sounding, Schlumberger sounding, and IP attenuation curve, etc.) quick and intuitive, let you easily complete the field measurement work.

5. Easy to expand, unlimited possibilities - data acquisition control and data storage are all completed by the handheld computer, the expansion of data memory capacity, acquisition software function expansion (such as the addition of a special high-density measuring device) will be easier to achieve.

6. Powerful tablet features -- In addition to the high hardware configuration, the tablet is equipped with numerous utility software, users can schedule, wireless Internet, mobile WORD, EXCEL, PowerPoint, Media Player and other software for mobile office and entertainment.

7. Perfect anti-interference technology -- using multi-stage filtering and signal enhancement technology, integrated electrical interference suppressor function (with strong resistance to common mode interference and differential mode interference ability), high measurement accuracy.

8. Automatic spontaneous potential, drift and electrode polarization compensation, compensation range up to ±10V.

9. The receiving part has instantaneous overvoltage input protection ability, the transmitting part has overvoltage, overcurrent and AB open circuit protection ability, and DC high voltage backconnection protection ability.

10. Grounding resistance check -- AB electrode and MN electrode can be checked at any time, convenient and practical.

11. The diagnostic program can quickly and accurately identify the fault location and the main damaged components.

12. The imported fully sealed box has the advantages of waterproof, dustproof and long service life.

13. Flexible control options -- a laptop computer can also be used for remote control of the main instrument to complete the measurement work.