FMVSS 302 Motor Accessories Combustion Tester


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The ISO3795 standards and pertinent clauses are followed in the design and production of the Vehicle Interior Flammability Test Apparatus. Apply to detect interior material horizontal burning tests on vehicles (cars, multifunctional passenger cars, trucks, and buses). a control system with a high degree of automation and automatic ignition.

Digital temperature and time displays are easy to operate, stable, and trustworthy for keeping records.


• FMVSS 302: Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 302

• ISO 3795

Other relevant standards

SAE J369: 2003 --- American Society of Mechanical Engineers

HES D6003-99 --- Honda Motor

NES M0094: 2003 --- Nissan;

ES-X60410: 2001 ---- Mitsubishi Motors

TRANS / WP29 / 78 / Rev.1: 1997 Appendix 4 ---- EU

TL 1010: 1997 --- Volkswagen;

GS 97038-2003 ---- BMW;

GM 9070P: 1996 --- General Motors


1. Advanced industrial appearance and control design;

2. The Model 304; and 1. Modern industrial look and control design Housing structure made of stainless steel; horizontal and longitudinal ventilation hole spacings are 63.5mm and 127mm, respectively.

3. There are 10 ventilation holes, each measuring 19mm in diameter.

4. The burner's inner diameter is 9.5mm. blowtorch top center at the specimen's free end, 19mm

6. The record time can be changed from 0 to 9999 seconds.

7. outfitted with a sample holder and templates made of stainless steel;

8. The combustion chamber is assembled with a steel ruler with a precision of 1 mm, making it easy to read the combustion length. Do not remove the sample when measuring burn length.

9. The imported USA Humboldt Bunsen burner with a 20mm to 100mm range of adjustment and a higher precision combustion flame

10. Flame height measured with the device; 38mm

11. A high degree of test automation, test data accurate, easy to operate

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) + touch screen plus automatic control system

1.  Automatic timing, automatic ignition, ignition abnormal protection;

2.  6 sample test data is saved;

3.  Monitoring the experimental data, query six samples of experimental data, query alarm contents.