WDJD-4 2D Electrical nderground Water Detector



With 32 single-chip and 24 bit A/D technology and years of design and manufacturing experience, the WDJD-4 Multi-Function Digital DC Resistivity/IP Meter is our latest generation model and can conduct both a Res and an IP survey simultaneously. It has many functionalities, good expandability, high reliability, quick speed, and precision. Other multi-electrode resistivity tools can process WDJD-4 measurement data, making interpretation easier.

With twist pair wire, iron electrodes, and a power source, a single WDJD-4 may carry out an IP survey or general electrical resistivity study. In addition to doing general electrical resistivity/IP surveys, the WDJD-4 can also perform multi-electrode 2D Resistivity imaging when used in conjunction with the WDZJ-4 multiplex electrode switcher multi-electrode cable, electrodes, and power source.


Main Applications

• Transmitting unit and receiving unit are of all-in-one design, portable and lightweight.


• Super high-power, high anti-interference performance and precision: up to 6600w (1100v×6A) power, 48Vp-p voltage range ensures to get a good result in a area with high resistance.


• Automatically achieving compensation of self-potential, drift and electrode polarization, up to ±10V.


• Receiving unit support transient over-voltage protection, transmitting unit supports over-voltage protection, over-current protection and AB open-circuit protection.


• For general resistivity and IP survey function, 9 types of electrode arrays are available. Electrode distance (namely “Program”) can be inputted or called. Geometric factor K can also be generated automatically or calculated manually.

• For multi-electrode 2D resistivity imaging, up to 18 electrode arrays are available. It could scanning measure according to fixed section (including AMNB, ABMN, AMBN, AMN, MNB, A-MN-B, Sp M, Sp MN, charge M, charge MN) or continuous rolling scanning measure according to variable section (including A-M, A-MN, AB-M, AB-MN, MN-B, A-MN rectangle).


• Program: the program can memorize 100 groups of electrode distances, avoiding repetitive input. Or you just input a program Id and step to call the corresponding electrode distances.


• Earth resistance inspection: ground condition can be inspected at any time.


• Mass data storage: Up to 1GB capacity (extended) enable store 5,000,000 groups measuring data (including current, voltage, SP, Ro, Ms, metal factor, TH, R, J).


• All parameter and data are under power-failure protection; and thus data will not be lost even thought the system shuts down accidentally.

• USB port enables it to transfer data to computer.


•  Electric Meter 2D Tomograph 500m Underground Water Detection