ISO 5660 cone calorimeter


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A contemporary tool called the ISO 5660 Cone Calorimeter is used to examine the fire behavior of tiny samples of diverse materials that are in the condensed phase. The following metrics will be measured: Heat Release Rate, Mass Loss Rate, CO and CO2 Generation, Oxygen Consumption, etc. In the discipline of fire safety engineering, it is frequently employed.


* Building Materials

* Rail


* Wire & Cable

* Other


• ISO 5660

Reaction to fire tests – Heat release, smoke production and mass loss rate 

• ASTM E 1354

Standard Test Method for Heat and Visible Smoke Release Rates for Materials and Products Using an Oxygen Consumption Calorimeter 

• BS 476 Pt.15

Fire tests on building materials and structures – Method for measuring the rate of heat release of products 


1. A 19' analysis rack and integrated body.

2. 17' touch screen panel type PC for automatic testing and overall control.

3. An automatic spark igniter that makes it easier to gauge the ignition time.

4. The Auto Split Shutter opened automatically to expose the sample to radiation.

5. A glass protection door with an absorber design that allows for easier sample observation during testing and opening and closing.

6. The Gas Analyzer from UK Servomex, which precisely measures O2, CO, and CO2 concentrations up to 0.02%.

7. A measurement port, a heated filter, and a heated line.

8. All gas flows are controlled automatically and accurately by MFCs (Mass Flow Controllers).

9. Portable water cooling system that uses the Heat Fluxmeter and does not require plumbing or waterworks (for ISO 5660).

10. A ring sampler has been installed from the smoke collecting hood at 685 mm, with 12 holes.

11. The exhaust flow rate should be determined by measuring the pressure difference on both sides of the sharp edge orifice 350 mm above the fan, the inner diameter of the sharp edge orifice plate is 57mm + 1mm.

12. ABB SCC-S Gas sampling system comprises sampling pump, filter, cold trap, wastewater discharge, water filters, and CO2 filters.

13. Portable water cooling system without the need for waterworks and plumbing when using the Heat Flux meter (for ISO 5660).

14. In order to calibrate the response of the whole test system, the use of a square opening brass calibration burner was used to measure the value of the C- coefficient.

15. The data acquisition system is able to record oxygen analyzer, orifice meter, thermocouple, and other instruments of the output.

Test Result of ISO 5660 Cone Calorimeter:

• Heat Flux, Unit: kW/m2 

• Exhaust duct flow rate, Unit: l/s 

• C factor, Unit:1/kg․m․K 

• Ignition time and Extinguisment time, Unit: s 

• Total oxygen consumption, Unit: g 

• Total Smoke Release, Unit: m/m2 

• Mass loss and Mass loss rate, Unit: g, g/s

• Heat release rate, Unit: MJ/kg, kw/m2 

• Effective heat of combustion, Unit: MJ/kg 

• Carbon monoxide yield, Unit: kg/kg 

• Carbon dioxide yield, Unit: kg/kg 


Product nameCone Calorimeter
StandardISO 5660, ASTM D1354, BS 476-15
1,800 mm(W)*900 mm(D)*2,650 mm(H)
220 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 30 A
about 450 kg
50 l/s
Compressed Air, Methane, Nitrogen, CO/CO2 Mixing Gas, Dust Collector