EN 13823 Single Burning Item (SBI)


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As a European evaluation of the fire-resistance performance of building materials, Single Burning Items (SBI) measures heat release rate (H.R.R), smoke growth rate index (SPR), oxygen consumption, CO, CO2 production, mass loss rate, and so on.

The Single Burning Items test method is used to assess the response behavior of building materials (except flooring materials) to fire when subjected to heat attack (via a Sand-Box burner of propane fuel) from Single Burning Items.

The specimen has been placed on the Trolley (moving cart) in Frame, just beneath the emission system. The mechanical and visual responses of the specimen to the burner are displayed. It calculates Heat Release Rate (H.R.R.) and Smoke Release Rate (S.R.R.) mechanically, and physical properties are evaluated visually. The most representative measuring element is the SBI measuring range, Fire Growth Rate Index (FIGRA) by oxygen consumption quantity of combustion products; otherwise, representative measuring elements include oxygen consumption, CO, CO2 production, Smoke Growth Rate Index (SMOGRA), and so on. The maximum rate of heat release can be measured up to 1MW.


• BS EN 13823

- Building product reaction to fire tests -Building products, excluding flooring, that have been subjected to thermal attack by a single burning item


Test Room (mm) : 3,000 (w) * 3,000 (d) * 2,600 (h) 
Hood  (mm) : 1,450 (w) * 1,255 (d) * 1,093 (h) 
Sandbox Burner (mm) : 250 (w) * 250 (d) * 80 (h) 
Power Voltage 
220 V,60 Hz ,20 A 
0.55m3/s ~ 0.65 m3/s 

  Test Result:  

① Average rate of heat release[RHRav(t)]

② Total Heat Release[THR(t)]

③ 1000 * [RHRav(t)/(t-300)]

④ Fire Growth Rate Index[FIGRA]

⑤ Total Heat Release[THR600s]

⑥ Occurrence of Lateral Flame Spread

⑦ RSPav(t)

⑧ Total Smoke Production[TSP(t)]

⑨ 10000 * [RSPav(t)/(t-300)]

⑩ Smoke Growth Rate Index[SMOGRA]

⑪ Total Smoke Production[TSP600s]

  Control Unit:   

• Main Sandbox Burner & Trolley 

• Fixed Frame & Auxiliary Burner 

• Hood               

• Collector 

• Measuring Tube(J-Shaped) 

• Sandbox Burner ( Main & Auxiliary ) 

• Gas Diverter 

• Smoke Exhaust System 

• Three Thermocouples(by EN 60584-1) 

• Bi-directional Probe 

• Gas Sampling Probe 

• Analyzer ( O2 ,CO2, CO ) 

• Light Attenuation System 

• Atmospheric Pressure Measurement 

• Cold Trap 


• Propane Gas & 2 Stage Regulator 

• N2 & CO/CO2 Gas & 2 Stage Regulator