Laboratory Testing Equipment Calorific Value Testing Equipment with Touch Screen



This Calorific Value Testing Equipment is designed and made as per ASTM D240 test method for calorific value of coal, Test method for calorific value of petroleum products and calibration regulation of oxygen bomb calorimeter.


Main Technical Specification:

1Power supplyAC 220V±5%, 50 Hz
2Total power consumption≤150W
3Heat capacity(14000~15000) J/K
4Resolution0.001 K
5Measurement accuracy≤60J/g
6Measuring range(10~35)℃
7Repeatability error≤0.2% (Grade C)
8Pressure endurance of bomb20 MPa
9Temperature measurement range(15~28)℃
Relative humidity≤85%
11Overall dimension600mm×480mm×460mm

Main technical features:

1. The instrument adopts technology of single chip machine, LCD screen, high accuracy temperature sensor and high performance A/D conversion device. It is a highly intelligent instrument.

2. The test procedure is fully automatic. After placing the sample and inputting the right parameters, the instrument will finish all the procedures without manual interference. It will print the test data directly after test is over.

3. This instrument adopts sealed oxygen bomb. The whole structure adopts stainless steel material.The strength is enough to resist 20MPa hydrostatic test under room temperature.

4. The inner water container is made of stainless steel and the section likes as a pear.Its water volume is 3000g and with electric stirrer to make sure the uniform temperature in water bath.

5. The external water jacket is a double container.It will be filled fully with water when testing,and the stirrer in the water jacket will work to ensure the uniform temperature and create the constant temperature condition for test requirement.