L Series Spectrophotometer




 Split beam optical system

 Automatic wavelength settings

 7 inch Color touch-screen LCD

 Automatic cuvette holder moving

 Automatic zero and full scale adjustment.

 Equipped with USB port.

 Internal printer optional

 Software optional.

 EN,FR,GR,RU,SP,CH operation interface


The L series of spectrophotometers adopt split beam survey optical system, and blazed holographic gratings. 

They have outstanding test precision and very competitive prices.

7-inch color touch screen LCD display, cutting-edge user interface, powerful functions, and easy operation.

The automated eight-position cuvettes holder facilitates the operation under each measurement mode

With powerful functions, the equipment shows great performance in qualitative and quantitative testing, such as:

Full-spectrum scanning

Detailed spectrum scanning

Time-based kinetics determination


Linear regression

Concentration direct reading

Peak/Valley detecting

Multi-wavelength measurement

The equipment is designed with sophisticated power protection system. With high capacity of internal memory, 

it can store testing results, scanned images, regression equations and correction data. Therefore, it follows a fast initialization when power on.

The instrument can be connected with dedicated printer, which can print testing results, or draw curve from spectral scanning, 

fixed wavelength time-based scanning, and linear regression.

There is a USB port on the device, and UVwin8 software is optional to order. The device can be connected to a PC, 

which can not only enhance the performance in data testing and spectrum scanning, but also expand the memory to save more testing results.