GD-752N UV-VIS Spectrophotometer




The monochromator with a holographic flashing grating is used. It has the advantage of high wavelength precision, good monochromaticity and low stray light.

Automatic switching of tungsten halogen lamp and deuterium lamp.

A sample compartment for 0.5cm-5cm cells.

Computer control system, precise automatic T/A changeover.

Automatic zero and full scale adjustment.

Direct concentration read-out and concentration factor setting function.

Equipped with RS232 port. Printer can be connected and data can be sent to PC by special software.


◆Wavelength range 200-800nm

◆Wavelength accuracy ≤2nm

◆Wavelength repeatability≤ 1nm

◆Transmittance accuracy ±0.5% (t) (NBS930D)

◆Transmittance:repeatability≤0.2% (t)

◆Spectrum bandwidth 5nm

◆Stray light ≤ 0.5% (t) (at 220nm, Nal)

◆Stability Dark current drift: 0.2%(t)/3min

◆Light current drift: 0.5%(t)/3min

Standard configuration:

◆Main instrument 1

◆Power cable 1

◆10mm Glass cell 4

◆10mm Quartz cell 2

◆Didymium filter 1

◆0.5E filter 1

◆Tungsten-halogen lamp (12V 30W)1

◆Deuterium lamp 1

◆ Fuses (2.5A) 5

◆Wrench 1

◆Filter (for use from 330nm to 370nm) 1

◆Dust cover 1

 Optional accessories:

◆10mm Glass cell

◆10mm Quartz cell

◆10mm Cell holder

◆Tungsten-halogen lamp(12V 30W)

◆Deuterium lamp


 Overall dimension & weight:

◆Shipping package dimension: 640-480-340mm

◆Gross weight: 30Kg

◆Net weight: 27Kg