GD4530F Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer



Wavelength range:190 – 900nm

Spectral bandwidth:Can automatically change between 0.1nm, 0.2nm, 0.4nm, 1.0nm and 2.0nm

Accuracy of the wavelength:±0.15nm

Receptivity of the wavelength: ≤0.04nm

Base line stability:≤0.002A/30min (Cu)

Characteristic viscosity:0.02μg/ml/1% (Cu)

Checking limit:0.004μg/ml (Cu)


Grating:1800 lines/mm

Inflamer:All-metal titanium burner

Atomizer:Effective glass atomizer

Lamp stand:Eight lamps 

D2 background correction ability:When the background is 1 A, the background ability should be deducted not less than 50 times; self absorption background deduction method

Size and weight:700mm×550mm×450mm  75Kg

Power source:220V±22V  AC

Flame system 

Acetylene air burner:100mm

Nitrous oxide acetylene flame head:50mm

Ignition dynamic baseline drift:≤0.006A/30min

(Cu) Characteristic viscosity:≤0.025μg/ml/1%

 Related standard deviation of the accuracy:≤0.5%(Cu, absorbance>0.8A) (detection limit Cu≤0.008μg/ml) 

Safety system:Can automatically cut off the gas when the pressure is not enough, the power is off, flameout and unconformity of the burner.

Graphite furnace

The highest temperature:3000℃

The largest temperature rising speed:≥2000℃/S

Characteristic quantity:Cd≤0.5×10-12g  Cu≤0.5×10-11g

Accuracy:Cu≤3%  Cd≤3%

Size and weight:550mm×450mm×300mm 65Kg

Safety system:Over current protection 

Low air pressure alarm / protection 

Low cooling water flow alarm/protection

Power source and power:220V±22V AC 7000W